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Add to Wishlist. Presents previously unpublished memoirs , lectures, and essays by the eminent harpsichordist and scholar Ralph Kirkpatrick. His depth of thought, and skill in articulating his musical philosophy never disappoints, and I would buy the book if only for his outstandingly good essay, entitled 'The Performer's Pilgrimage to the Sources' A writer who could evoke time and place with memorable clarity. The pages These pages provide a summary of his experiences as man and artist and repeatedly touch upon the themes that formed the "red thread" [through his life].

Questions regarding early music and historical-keyboard playing are treated in a way that incorporates Kirkpatrick's personal experiences as performer and researcher, experiences that made his reflections and his scholarly output so vital.

Brava, Meredith Kirkpatrick, for your painstaking archival researching and editing. Here is a book to treasure, and to share with fellow lovers of the harpsichord and its history. Kirkpatrick's own Memoirs in this book have an elegant and engaging style of writing, displaying his erudite intelligence and charisma. The fascinating writing itself is so elegant and polished.

Should be of interest to all lovers of keyboard instruments and the music written for them. The writing reveals scrupulous musical standards and a crunchy personality.

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We are offered many insights into the life of a concert harpsichordist at a time when such individuals were rare indeed. Essential reading for anyone interested in the harpsichord, scholarship, and musical style. Humour and waspish observations gild memoir and polemic alike. Many of the issues pondered with characteristic clarity are no less relevant fifty years on Hanninen University of Rochester Press.

Unpublished Memoirs, Essays, and Lectures of Ralph Kirkpatrick

Shope University of Rochester Press. Hirsch University of Rochester Press. Aspects of Unity in J.

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Bach's Partitas and Suites David W. Beach University of Rochester Press. August Halm Lee A.

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Rothfarb University of Rochester Press. Bach and Mozart Robert L. Marshall University of Rochester Press.

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Full site Title names Author names Essays Groups. Order this book from Liberty Fund. This two-volume set brings together a collection of writings and speeches of James Wilson, one of only six signers of both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, and one of the most influential members of the federal Constitutional Convention in As with the early lyceum movements and Chautauqua assemblies, the goal of the Circuit Chautauquas was to offer challenging, informational, and inspirational stimulation to rural and small-town America.

His solution was to organize a series of touring Chautauquas where each performer or group was assigned to a definite day on the program throughout the touring season. Performers for the first day remained first-day talent; second-day talent always appeared on the second day, and so on for the other days of the circuit.

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Talent could travel from one tent outfit to another, appearing in each in turn. Circuit Chautauqua begun in and by the s could be found almost everywhere, presenting its message of self and civic improvement to millions of Americans. At its peak in the mids, circuit Chautauqua performers and lecturers appeared in more than 10, communities in 45 states to audiences totaling 45 million people.

Lecturers were the backbone of Chautauqua. Every topic from current events to travel to human interest to comic storytelling could be heard on the Circuits. Chautauqua would swell by the thousands to see William Jennings Bryan, the most popular of all Chautauqua attractions. Until his death in his populist, temperance, evangelical, and crusading message could be heard on Circuits across the country.

Music was also a staple on the Circuits and bands were particularly popular.