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The aim of the Global Grand Challenges Summits is to explore how engineering can drive progress towards the NAE 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering and the UN Sustainable Development Goals and transform the future of the world we live in through cross-country partnerships and collaboration. For further information and confirmed speakers, please visit www. A seven-month programme of challenge-led innovation, design and business development. Tel The U. Such work can help medicine better prepare for what nature might throw at us, but it could also make the consequences of a lab error far more catastrophic.

Add in the fact that the techniques behind gene editing and writing are becoming simpler and more automated with every year, and eventually millions of people will be capable—through terror or error—of unleashing something awful on the world.

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The good news is that both the government and the researchers driving these technologies are increasingly aware of the risks of bioterror and error. But the greatest ethical challenges in gene editing and writing will arise not from malevolence or mistakes, but from success. Through a new technology called in vitro gametogenesis IVG , scientists are learning how to turn adult human cells like a piece of skin into lab-made sperm and egg cells.

That would be a huge breakthrough for the infertile, or for same-sex couples who want to conceive a child biologically related to both partners.

It would also open the door to using gene editing to tinker with those lab-made embryos. We might be morally repelled today by such an ability, as many scientists and ethicists were repelled by in-vitro fertilization IVF when it was introduced four decades ago.

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  • Yet more than a million babies in the U. Ethics can evolve along with technology. While gene editing allows scientists to make small changes to the genome, the gene synthesis that Church and his collaborators are developing allows for total genetic rewrites.

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    Church is already working on synthesizing organs that would be resistant to viruses, while other researchers like Harris Wang at Columbia University are experimenting with bioengineering mammalian cells to produce nutrients like amino acids that we currently need to get from food. The horizon is endless—and so are the ethical concerns of success. What if only the rich are able to access synthetic biology technologies that could make them stronger, smarter and longer lived?

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