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Essay:Second Constitution of the United States

Textbook Worksheets. World History. Constitution Essay Questions Worksheet 2 - 1. List two strengths and two weaknesses of the national government under the Articles of Confederation. Define the term "critical period.

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Describe the men who served as delegates at the Constitutional Convention. Click here to print.

Constitution Essay Questions Worksheet 3 - 1. Formative Task Write a paragraph using evidence that explains how the framers protected slavery in the Constitution.

I Sec. IV, Sec. Supporting Question How democratic was the Constitution? V; Art. Staging the Question: Read the preamble to the Constitution and discuss how a government can achieve those goals. Summative Performance Task.

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International Treaty law can have an influence on and is sometimes a source of constitutional law. International and bi-lateral treaties are often given effect within UK domestic law.

Constitution Discussion & Essay Questions

In more recent years, transnational institutions, such as the United Nations, and treaty law, are increasingly influencing what happens within national constitutional systems. Since the end of the Second World War, a wide body of international human rights agreements have also been established, with monitoring bodies that implement the terms of each major agreement.

States domestic laws cannot supersede these rights. There are two main sources of international law: treaties and customary international law. Treaty law is an agreement under international law, usually between states, but international organisations can also be subjects of international law.

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The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties provides the internationally accepted rules on treaty interpretation and states that a treaty should be in writing. There are many important constitutional matters in the UK for which no law exists. In such instances, it is necessary to resort to non-legal constitutional sources, also known as constitutional conventions. Laws are enforceable in the courts.

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There are no judicial remedies or penalties if conventions are violated. In such circumstances, legal freedom is constrained by political precedent. Although there is no law to give it effect, there is a clear and long standing political precedent or constitutional convention that a certain rule must be followed. Such rules are not found uniquely in systems like the UK that are missing a written constitution; they can also play a similar role in elaborating upon the rules within a codified constitution.

Such rules are established through habitual and customary practices within government although in recent years these conventions have been codified and formalised in a gradual manner. Constitutions are usually regarded as the highest form of law in a country; written constitutions are nearly always hierarchically superior to other forms of legislation.

This means that all other legislation has to accord with the principals of the constitution and that judges are able to strike down any legislation, which is found to be unconstitutional. In France, the judges refer codified laws back to the legislature for further consideration if it is found to be unconstitutional.