Basic outline of a five paragraph essay

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Grammar Tips

Decide on three pieces of supporting evidence you will use to prove your thesis. Write your first body paragraph, starting with restating your thesis and focusing on your first piece of supporting evidence. End your first paragraph with a transitional sentence that leads to the next body paragraph.

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Write paragraph two of the body focussing on your second piece of evidence. Once again make the connection between your thesis and this piece of evidence. End your second paragraph with a transitional sentence that leads to paragraph number three. Repeat step 6 using your third piece of evidence.

Begin your concluding paragraph by restating your thesis. Include the three points you've used to prove your thesis. End with a punch, a question, an anecdote, or an entertaining thought that will stay with the reader.

Detractors feel, however, that writing to rule in this way is more likely to discourage imaginative writing and thinking than enable it. Continue Reading. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. Our EssayPro writing service has crafted a method which has helped students consistently earn top marks. The 5 paragraph essay is one of the most common academic writing assignments given to students. Starting from middle school and working all the way up to college level tasks, this particular style is seen in all educational levels.

The reason this type of writing is so popular has to do with its main perk: it gives the writer complete freedom when choosing between topics. As there are many different types of essays that each contain their own sets of rules and writing styles, one will be limited when it comes down to choosing a topic for more specific types.

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For this reason, the 5 paragraph format is the most versatile among all essay types. Most commonly, a student will be asked to write a 5 paragraph essay that defends a side of an argument persuasive or develops their own idea from an original question analytical. Sometimes, they will be asked to tell a story narrative essay or write using their imagination creative writing , but for most academic assignments, one will be asked to write about the former of the two groups.

Organize Your Ideas Using a Diagram or Outline

That being said, the outline is broken down into five main sections 1 per paragraph , and each section will have between subpoints. Each subpoint has its own objective, so to build a complete essay outline , one will need to accurately come up with guidelines. Down below is a 5 paragraph essay outline template:.

Writing Ninjas: How To Write A Five-Paragraph Essay

To start any five-paragraph essay, you should always implement an exciting hook to grab the reader's attention from the get-go. This can be something like an interesting fact, rhetorical question or humorous idea; the main goal is to keep your reader interested. Following this step, you want to provide your reader with any necessary background information regarding your topic. This is especially true if the majority of your information cannot be classified as general knowledge. The main goal of this step is to clear up any possible confusion that your audience may have encountered. Lastly, you want to conclude your introduction by presenting a well-thought-out thesis statement that covers the main idea of your entire essay.

As this is the central point of your paper, it is important to ensure that the focus of the body revolves around this statement. After presenting your introduction, the next step is to create a topic sentence that transitions the essay from the previous point to the ongoing one. Use strong transitions words such as firstly, afterwards and moreover to keep your writing flowing smoothly.

That being said, the topic sentence should reveal the supporting idea that will defend your thesis. After finishing this step, you must create a claim. In essence, this illustrates the link between your supporting idea and the thesis statement. So, if we consider the thesis statement to be the focal point of our entire essay, then likewise, we can consider the claim to be the central piece of its respective body paragraph.

5 paragraph essay outline. College Homework Help and Online Tutoring.

After presenting a claim, you must then defend it with evidence. Facts, statistics, logic or anything else that can be used to support the claim should be presented. This will usually be between sentences. Lastly, to finish a body paragraph, one must present a concluding statement. This sentence presents the significance of the link between the claim and thesis statement, strengthening the validity of the body paragraph accordingly. It is important to note that each body paragraph follows the same structure; however, each should have their own unique claim as well as separate evidence to help build a well-rounded essay.

Five Paragraph Essay: Step-By-Step Guides With Examples

Lastly, the order of argument strength does indeed matter. The reason for this has to do with reader attention span, and most likely their mind will start wandering off as they get deeper into the writing, so make sure they get the best at first! To finish off a good 5 paragraph essay , you have three final objectives.