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When asked if women were handicapped in the rough-and-tumble of political campaigns because society held them to different standards than men, Maurine Neuberger , who served for years in the Oregon legislature before succeeding her late husband in the U. Senate Historical Office Half of a midth century power couple, Maurine Neuberger spent years in Oregon politics before succeeding her husband, Richard Neuberger, in the Senate in The first woman to represent Minnesota, Knutson was an early advocate for the creation of a food stamp program, funding for school lunches, and federal student loans.

But after two terms, her abusive husband sabotaged her promising career by conspiring with her opposition to publicly embarrass Knutson.

The Changing Role Of Women

He falsely accused her of neglecting their family, which included a young adopted son, and of having an affair with a Washington aide. The debate over balancing domestic responsibilities and a professional life lasted well into the s, and though male political opponents were less inclined to exploit it in latter decades, women politicians were repeatedly put on the defensive by the media and constituents who raised the issue.

Shifting social norms quickly altered staid notions of domesticity.

Amidst the routine of household duties, many postwar wives and mothers were frustrated by their lack of professional fulfillment. Daughters who came of age in the s were determined to make their lives less constrained than those of their mothers. Open discussion of sexuality and cohabitation outside marriage became more socially accepted. As birth control became more widely available, women exercised greater control over when or if they would have children.

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In the landmark Roe v. Sexual and reproductive freedom provided more options for women, who previously chose either a career or marriage. By the s, many marriages involved two careers, as both the husband and the wife worked and increasingly shared familial duties, accelerating a trend already well underway in the post—World War II period.

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The additional complexities that the women of India must also challenge are the caste system, the heavy religious customs, older and more traditional roles of the sexes, as well as the even stronger power that men hold in India. They have all accomplished much, but have yet to overthrow the male dominated society.

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The Original Status A patriarichal and oppressed society with an inhumane caste system supposedly based on religious faith, however, their religious beliefs are obviously not understood since their masculine domination acts against the religious base of men and women living as equals. View full version.

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