Why did you choose engineering essay

TOP Reasons to Be an Industrial Engineer

With the advent of technology and modern living, engineering community has witnessed a wide acclamation for their contribution to technology. Students have aspired to get an engineering degree out of their interest in the subject and the benefits it renders in the future.

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Challenging Work. Choosing engineering as a career will enhance your ability to think challengingly. One would never get a boring life in this career.

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In the course of study and work, an engineer will face challenging situations where creativity and logical ability is highly required. They can introduce new concepts and ideas. Innovation and Creativity. Engineering study and work demands innovation and creativity to create new technology. Such creativity allots you to encounter new ideas and techniques. It is a very innovative career. Contribution towards Society.

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Technology has made the world a better place to live. One can choose his own subject of interest that contributes to the part of society. He can make money out of it and serve the society.

He or she can be a potential benefit to the society. Chance to Explore the World. A major perk of engineering is you get a chance to explore the world.


Why choose engineering as a career essays

Given the wide range of opportunities worldwide, an engineer gets a good opportunity to shift around and explore the world. You can get to work on sites, dig mines, petroleum wells across the nations, and develop infrastructures of cities. Engineering and technology subjects continue to be in demand because they develop key skills employers look for.

A career in engineering can take many different routes, and it can be confusing knowing where to start or which way to go. There's a route into engineering to suit everyone, whether you want to earn and learn at the same time or whether you'd prefer to stay in full-time study , we have the resources you need. Engineering is a very flexible field and it can be applied in many ways. All the different fields you can work in will probably surprise you!

10 Reasons to Study Engineering

We can also point you towards advice and high-value engineering content related to your career, through our career support articles , whatever stage you're at. You can also browse through Tomorrow's Engineers , which contains valuable information and a whole host of engineering careers materials. Intellectual Development An engineering education will "exercise" your brain, developing your ability to think logically and to solve problems.

These are skills that will be valuable throughout your life — and not only when you are solving engineering problems. Creative Thinking Engineering is by its very nature a creative profession. Because we are in a time of rapid social and technological changes, the need for engineers to think creatively is greater now than ever before.

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  6. If you like to question, explore, invent, discover, and create, then engineering could be the ideal profession for you. Technological and Scientific Discovery Do you know why golf balls have dimples on them, or why split-level houses experience more damage in earthquakes? An engineering education can help you answer these questions, and push you to ask new questions of your own.

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    Financial Security Engineering is a lucrative career. Engineering graduates receive the highest starting salary of any discipline.

    Engineering job outlook Prestige Engineers help sustain our nation's international competitiveness, maintain our standard of living, ensure a strong national security, and protect public safety. As a member of such a respected profession, you will receive a high amount of prestige. Professional Environment As an engineer, you will work in a professional environment in which you will be treated with respect, have a certain amount of freedom in choosing your work, and have the opportunity to learn and grow through both on-the-job training and formal training.